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Our customers

Downgrade flash drives have damaged storage cells, and this sometimes leads to data loss. This is why MemoriasUSB never uses this type of flash drives.

MemoriasUSB provides a lifetime warranty in the electronic components of its flash drives.

MemoriasUSB assembles only original NAND flash drives.

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, which is the port used to connect peripherals to a computer.

MemoriasUSB manufactures and distributes its own flash drives.

MemoriasUSB can manufacture USB flash drives with any design you wish with its Design model.

MemoriasUSB uses 20% of its income for technology innovation.

The distribution of information on electronic devices helps save tons of paper.

USB flash drives, unlike data clouds, do not require Internet access to work.

We update the prices of our USB flash drives on a daily basis. This is because the leading makers of memory chips (Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba, Intel) produce the chips according to demand.

MemoriasUSB is a technology spin off with its origins in the School of Telecommunications of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain.