About us


USB flash drives are conceptually environment-friendly. To date, businesses and consumers alike have saved tons of paper by distributing information on electronic devices.


Our suppliers have been certified to comply with the ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

MemoriasUSB requires all its potential suppliers to provide environmental management and quality certificates. Once they have passed these tests and controls, we register them as official suppliers.

Green Company

At our offices, we encourage the use of the three 'Rs' rule: reduce, reuse and recycle.

We cut paper consumption through digital advertising campaigns (e-mailing, banners, digital catalogues, etc.), electronic invoicing and receiving faxes via email in pdf format.

We rely on UPS (United Parcel Service Inc.) to make our international collections and deliveries. For further information on the UPS environmental policy Click here

We also use cutting edge technology to cut energy costs through server virtualization.

We encourage the recycling of USB flash drives by providing our customers with a recycling centre where they can leave their electronic devices.


Our products comply with the EU directive 2002/95/EC on electrical and electronic appliances (RoHS, Restriction of Hazardous Substances), which restricts the use of hazardous materials in their production:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • PBDE
  • PBB
  • ChromeVI

Recycling Centre

According to the Royal Decree 208/2005, electronic devices such as USB memories should be disposed selectively. They can be collected in an Integrated Management System as ECOASIMELEC.