Customer service

Lifetime warranty

All our USB flash drives have a lifetime warranty. MemoriasUSB only assembles original Nand Flash drives from Samsung, Toshiba and Hynix. These manufacturers guarantee the original capacity of the flash drives. MemoriasUSB only uses Taiwan-manufactured controllers: SMI, Phison and USBest.

Avoid the problems of

  • Errors when saving files (too many faulty cells)
  • Reduced rate speed

Warranty service

This warranty will cover any manufacturing defects excluding defects arising from misuse.

Steps to follow:

  • Try the common tests such as: plug it in and out, plugging it in different computers, using different earphones (MP3), etc. In the event of a software service malfuction, it is important that you try the your device in a computer that is not connected to local network (work) since the problem might be in the assignation of the drives.
  • If the result of the detailed tests is negative, you should follow the next steps to make use of your device's warranty.
  • Fillout the RMA form . Please leave blank the field:'RMA Nº.
  • Please send to us a copy of your bill and send it us scanned with your RMA form to The subject of your email should be: RMA + IC- 'customer number'
  • Our technicians will validate the your paperwork and send you bak your RMA form with the 'RMA Nº' filled out.
  • Send us the faulty goods attaching your RMA formClearly indicating on the box your customer number and your RMA number. Download postage label

NOTE 1: If the goods received by MemoriasUSB function correctly or the fault is not covered by your warranty, goods will be sent back in the same conditions as received and a handling costs of 30€ will be chargedIn this case, the customer will pay for all postage and packaging fees.

NOTE 3: The repairs will take place in our offices in Shenzhen (China). Postage and packaging fees will be paid by MemoriasUSB. Goods will be returned in the same conditions as received. There will be times, when the personalization of the devices will not be possible to maintain