Logus Customization

LOGUS is the quality standard that MemoriasUSB requires in the customization of all its products.

About your logo

Logos must be in a specific format and vectored to ensure the best result.

Accepted formats:Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or CorelDraw (.cdr)

What is vectoring?

Vectoring consists in turning a bitmap (drawing, clipart image) into a drawing formed by lines, forming independent objects that can contain a specific colour.

a image for logus

Differences between vectorial format and bitmap format

Summary table

Engraving technique Vectorial format AI, EPS, CDR, PDF Bitmap format JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF
Four colour recommended valid
Minimum resolution 300 DPI
Laser recommended invalid
Válido, pero no recomendado
No válidoNot OK

Did you know that...

If you need us to, we can vector your logo for you.

Email it to producción@MemoriasUSB.com with a minimum resolution of 72DPI.