Privacy Policy for Personal Data

Browsing this website ( does not require users to submit personal data. However, Memorias USB, S.L., will occasionally need to request certain personal details from users; for example, during the purchase process. On other occasions, users may submit their personal data voluntarily to Memorias USB, S.L., in order to receive information, subscribe to the Newsletter or register their devices.

In both instances, the only data Memorias USB, S.L., collects from its customers is the data expressly indicated in the corresponding fields of the forms into which said data is entered. In general, this data consists of: name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number. When finalising the purchase process it will be necessary to submit additional information, regarding the billing arrangements, credit or debit card used and the transaction.

Communicating with users via their personal data

The personal data collected by Memorias USB, S.L., may be used to contact users for a variety of purposes:

  • a) In relation to a purchase or acquisition.
  • b) In relation to a return.
  • c) When the user has contacted Memorias USB, S.L., via a form.
  • d) In relation to a change to a policy or general terms and conditions that may affect the user.

In these circumstances, Memorias USB, S.L., may use users’ personal data to contact them, even if no express consent to this has been given.

  • e) For marketing and advertising purposes. Memorias USB, S.L., will only send information via e-mail for commercial or marketing purposes if the user has given their express consent to this, whether by subscribing to the Newsletter or by indicating that they give their consent during the registration or purchase process.

Responsibility and liability for the accuracy of personal data

Memorias USB, S.L., shall consider all the information it receives from users to be authentic. As the company does not possess the necessary tools to confirm the accuracy of said data, Memorias USB, S.L., is not responsible for guaranteeing its authenticity. The user shall be the only party held liable for any harm caused to Memorias USB, S.L., or third parties as a result of submitting false or inaccurate information.

Personal data of minors

Memorias USB, S.L., does not intentionally collect information on users who are not of legal age, unless express consent has been given by their parents or legal guardians. However, Memorias USB, S.L., does not possess the necessary tools to verify users’ ages, and consequently may not be held responsible if the personal data it holds on file includes information on minors. If you have knowledge that Memorias USB, S.L., is holding data on minors, please contact us at and we will eliminate it.

Accessing, rectifying and eliminating personal data

All users may exercise (at any time) their right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose the processing of their data. To exercise any of these rights, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal), you may contact Memorias USB, S.L., (via any means that allows for the accreditation of the sending and receipt of the request) at Calle Sofía, 10. Parque Industrial y Tecnológico Európolis, 28232 Las Rozas de Madrid (Madrid), addressing your request for the attention of the Department of Communication. Alternatively, you may send an e-mail to

Memorias USB, S.L., strives to keep its users’ details as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If you consider your personal data to be incorrect or incomplete, please contact Memorias USB, S.L., using the methods detailed above.

Revelation and transfer of data to third parties

Memorias USB, S.L., has an extremely strict policy regarding the processing of personal data. Consequently, we do not sell or transfer the personal data we collect through our websites to third parties. However, we do provide certain of our users’ personal details to the following:

  • a) Our strategic partners, for non-commercial purposes.
  • b) Platforms for the mass sending of e-mails, which we use to contact you for informative and commercial purposes.

Memorias USB, S.L., implements all the legal and administrative measures necessary to ensure the personal data submitted by our users cannot be revealed, lost or stolen, in accordance with the corresponding legislation. This data will only be made public or otherwise divulged if we are instructed to do so via a court order or by a competent public or governmental authority.

Using links

Our website contains links through which users are able to access third-party websites. Memorias USB, S.L., cannot guarantee the protection or confidentiality of any information users may submit on other websites. Consequently, before submitting your personal data on these websites, consult their privacy policies.

Queries regarding confidentiality and data processing

If you have any doubts regarding Memorias USB, S.L.,’s policy for the processing of both personal and non-personal data, or regarding our privacy policy, please write to us at

Memorias USB, S.L., reserves the right to update its Privacy Policy at any time. Madrid, 28 March 2014.