MemoriasUSB only works with original memory.

What are USB flash drives?

  • 1. Outcase
  • 2. USB connector
  • 3. Controllers

    This is the smart part of the USB flash drive, and it indicates where information must be saved. Its quality determines how well the flash drive works, and has a direct bearing on its useful life.

    MemoriasUSB assembles Taiwan-made controllers, SMI, Phison or USBest.

  • 4. NAND flash memory chip

    It represents 80% of the cost of the USB flash drive and is used to store data. Contains an array of cells where information is stored. They can store 1 or 2 bits of information.

What is a downgrade or white flash drive?

Sometimes during the manufacturing process, errors occur which produce defective storage cells in the USB drive chip. These blocks cannot be used for information storage, so a 1 GB original memory can see its capacity reduced to 512MB.

Some manufacturers mark drives with defective cells as “downgrade” and sell them at lower prices.

Problems of downgrade flash drives:

  • Errors when saving information (many defective cells).
  • Nominal speed reduced (up to 50% less).
  • Reduced life time of your flash drive.
  • Very high RMA rate.
MemoriasUSB only assembles Nand Flash drives from Samsung, Toshiba and Hynix original series. These manufacturers guarantee the original capacity of the drives.

To check whether a flash drive is downgrade, just open it and look for the supplier's logo on the chip (Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba or Intel). You wont' find any logo in downgrade or “white” flash drives.